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Reinforced Earth Steep Slope

by Yassine Bennani & Atanu Adhikari (Reinforced Earth)


2 November 2023


10:30 am



This talk will be presenting the design principals for reinforced steep slopes from the local structural verification to the limit equilibrium approach. Reinforced Earth technologies will be described and several project references on diverse applications will be introduced. A road widening application using reinforced earth steep slope technology will be detailed and the tallest reinforced steep slope ever built in the world will be presented. From the landslide event to the full completion of the construction of the 102m tall structure, all key design considerations as well as the construction methodology will be revealed to the audience.

About the Speaker:


Regional Director of Reinforced Earth South East Asia. Graduated from ENTPE (Ecole Nationale Des Travaux Publics de l’Etat) which is among the leading Engineering Schools, he has been working for Terre Armée Group for 14 years. Mr BENNANI contributed to the writing of numerous publications related to soil structure interaction, numerical modelling and to specific applications. He has attended various conferences throughout the world dealing with Soil Mechanics, Geosynthetics, Risk Mitigation, etc... Working on an International Group as a Technical Referent he has a deep knowledge of international state of the art and Standards related to Reinforced Fill Structures.


Chief Development Officer of Reinforced Earth India. Atanu Adhikari is a civil engineer by profession and specialized in geotechnical engineering with total experience of 26 years. He is heading both the engineering and commercial division of Reinforced Earth India and, specialized in the field of geotechniques, soil reinforcement and precast works. He has key expertise in engineering, design and construction of reinforced earth structures, slope stabilization, land slide protection and geohazard solutions, river training works and pre-cast solution. He is also involved in research and development works for new methods, techniques, components, materials etc. Mr. Adhikari has contributed to the invention and intellectual property capitalization of a few techniques which are commercially utilized in the construction of mechanically stabilized earth and for concrete precast crossing structures. He is also involved in different committee and working on different national guidelines / standards.

Registration :

Please register by 30 October 2023. Successful applicants will receive webinar details after registration. CPD certificate will be sent to the attendees, who attended more than 80% of the webinar time, within 2 weeks after the webinar.

Book Prize :

The professionals under 35 years old are encouraged to submit their reports (max. 500 words) in quality on this event. Please refer to the AGS (HK)’s website “The AGS Book Prize Reports – Assessment Framework” for details before the submission. The successful candidate will be awarded with the Book Prize that comprises of a book "Geology of Site Investigation Boreholes in Hong Kong" that written by Chris Fletcher, and a coupon of HK$500 from Eslite Spectrum (誠品生活) or equivalent. Ther awarded report will further be uploaded to the website of AGS (HK). Please send your report to Mr. Haydn Chan by email:

Keywords: Slope

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