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What do we do?

Understand our aims and objectives and explore the AGS Road Map.

Aims and Objectives

What do we do?

The main objective of the AGS(HK) is to be seen as an organization which provides a balanced view from the Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Community in Hong Kong. We believe that AGS(HK) is in a good position to provide a balanced view on industry issues that is currently unavailable from the learned societies, the government or contractors' associations.

More specifically, the aims listed below have been identified as being key points in developing the role of AGS(HK):

  • Promote enhance and maintain the quality of professional practice in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering

  • Facilitate close liaison between all Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Organisations

  • Champion the Geotechnical Industry in Hong Kong

  • Publish guidelines on good practice and on ethical and professional matters

  • Encourage quality management systems in Geotechnical Works

  • Assist and influence decision making within all relevant organisations

AGS Road Map

18-Month Plan

At a brainstorming session held in April this year by the executive committee, an 18-month plan was established. The main components of the plan and the targets identified are presented in the table below. This plan will be reviewed on a six-monthly basis to ensure that it is on track.

5-year plan

Develop a long term plan for the growth of the AGS(HK) which will be revisited on a annual basis.

GIG - Ground Investigation Group

Produce four documents on site investigation which will provide guidance to young engineers and geologists involved with the planning, specification, design and supervision of site investigations.

Business Practice

Set up a working group which will look at issues such as Insurance, Risk, Loss Prevention (Legal), Accountability and Contractual practices and how they impact on our members.

Geoenvironmental Issues

Set up a working group which will look at technical issues and risk associated guidelines for contamination assessment.


Set up a working group with a goal to improving communication with our members by, revamping the web site, producing a newsletter bi-annually, organising ground forums and seminars and in general incrase the profile of AGS(HK) within the geotechnical / geoenvironmental industry.


Set up a working group/subcommittee which will have a target of doubling the membership by the end of the year and increasing the diversity of the membership.

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