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Rules of Association

In this section, you will discover the rules of AGS (HK). Read more to understand how we operate.

Article VI - Sub-Committees Matters

Section 1    Sub-Committees

There shall be two types of sub-committees:

(1)    Standing Sub-Committees
Standing Sub-committees shall be those which shall function continually from year to year. Unless specified otherwise in these Rules, the Chairman of the Association shall appoint the chairman and members of all Standing Sub-committees, subject to the ratification of the Executive Committee if it so chooses. Standing Sub-committees may include, but shall not be limited to, Finance and General Purposes and Membership, each to be chaired by a sub-committee chairman. Unless otherwise agreed by the Executive Committee, no sub-committee chairman shall serve continuously for more than three years.

(2)    Task Working Groups
Task Working Groups shall be those created by the Chairman of the Association to deal with specific assignments deemed pertinent to the Association. Such Task Working Groups shall be dissolved by the Chairman of the Association upon completion of the task, or earlier.

Section 2    Meetings

Meetings of sub-committees shall be at the call of the respective chairmen.

Section 3    Minutes

The sub-committee chairman shall appoint a recording secretary of the sub-committee. A copy of the minutes will be sent to the Chairman of the Association.

Section 4    Operating Procedures

The Executive Committee shall develop procedure guidelines for sub-committees which may be revised from time to time and include matters such as frequency of meetings, reports, budgets, and other items deemed relevant.

Section 5    Authority

No sub-committee chairman or member shall have the authority to make any commitment on behalf of the Association unless specifically so authorised by the Executive Committee.

Section 6    Removal from Office

The Chairman of the Association, or the Executive Committee by a majority vote, may at any time remove from office any sub-committee chairman or member.

Section 7    Ex Officio Members

The Chairman of the Association and/or his appointed representative shall be an ex officio member of all sub-committees.

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