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Geosynthetics – A Sustainable Construction Material

by Gary Ng (G and E Company Limited)


23 November 2023


10:30 am



Geosynthetic’s provenance in the 60’s was primarily the drastic cut of construction cost and time. Ubiquitous savings were evidenced over the years. Several decades later, a new age of sustainable construction is dawning, in preserving resource, mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, the best of both worlds in cost effectiveness and sustainability. But how sustainable is with the use geosynthetics. Carbon footprint assessment has been introduced to quantify any hindsight. From resin production, to manufacturing, to shipment and from site installation, to operation, to maintenance and eventually to dismantling and disposal, equivalent CO2 emission can be traced, calculated and compared. This is a review on some of the European and American’s trends and studies on this emission benchmark development, and therefore the comparison of CO2 emission between different methods of construction with geosynthetic and that of the conventional. The picture, indeed, underpins cogent discussion. However, in most part of Asia, awareness is less prominent. It is a craving that changing of local mind set to appreciate the use of geosynthetic, accepting its application and design, reconsidering construction rule and regulation and educating the next generation can be way forward to underline geosynthetic as a viable sustainable construction material.

About the Speaker:

Gary Ng, the founder and general manager of G and E Company Limited, was trained in engineering at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, graduated with B E Sc in 1977. He worked in the construction field until 1984 when he set up G and E, one of the pioneers of geosynthetics and practitioner. In the past 39 years, he has been devoted to the design, application, testing and installation of geosynthetic material and advancing the innovation in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Gary is a corporate member of International Geosynthetics Society.

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Book Prize :

The professionals under 35 years old are encouraged to submit their reports (max. 500 words) in quality on this event. Please refer to the AGS (HK)’s website “The AGS Book Prize Reports – Assessment Framework” for details before the submission. The successful candidate will be awarded with the Book Prize that comprises of a book "Geology of Site Investigation Boreholes in Hong Kong" that written by Chris Fletcher, and a coupon of HK$500 from Eslite Spectrum (誠品生活) or equivalent. Ther awarded report will further be uploaded to the website of AGS (HK). Please send your report to Mr. Haydn Chan by email:

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