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AGS(HK) Technical Visit to Pai Mei


15 April 2023


1:00 am


Highlights :

After Tropical Cyclones Lionrock and Kompasu brought torrential rainfall to Hong Kong in early October 2021, a landslide occurred above the natural hillside above Ma Wan New Village, Pa Mei, Tung Chung, Lantau Island. The landslide occurred on an open hillslope with a source volume of about 220 m3. Some of the landslide debris was deposited on the hillside and the remaining debris that travelled further downslope was fully intercepted by a steel flexible barrier (Feature No. 9SE-B/ND12). The principal net of the flexible barrier was bulged but no significant deformation of the barrier structure was observed.

The incident highlights the potential landslide risk arising from progressive deterioration of the natural terrain at the fringes of urban development and that the steel flexible barrier designed and constructed under the LPMitP was effective in intercepting the landslide debris and preventing it from reaching the toe facilities.

Safety Requirements :

Participants should wear safety boot and bring their own safety hard hat and reflective vest. All attendees should also hold a valid safety Green Card or HKIE Member Card.

Book Prize :

Book prize is open to all young attendants (under 35 years old) for the submission of a good quality report (max. 500 words) on this event. Book Prize reward comprises a book "Geology of Site Investigation Boreholes in Hong Kong" by Chris Fletcher and book coupon HK$500 or equivalent.

Keywords: Natural Terrain Hazard

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