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Distributed Fibre Optic Strain Sensing: Long-Term Monitoring for Slopes & Infrastructure in Hong Kong

by Rich Laver (Varadise)


24 November 2022


10:30 am



Distributed fibre optic strain sensing (DFOSS) enables the accurate measurement of strain, temperature and vibration along the entire length of a fibre optic cable. The durability and low cost of the cable make it ideal for the comprehensive long-term monitoring of extensive structures. It is no wonder that the last 20 years has seen DFOSS adopted worldwide for an ever-broadening range of monitoring applications, including structural health, soil movement, traffic congestion and intrusion detection. To date the uptake in Hong Kong has been experimental, but the technology looks set to bring big benefits, particularly for landslide mitigation and infrastructure health monitoring. This webinar will delve into how DFOSS works, its benefits and applications, along with a couple of successful case studies implemented by the presenter.

About the Speaker:

Dr Rich Laver is Digital Project Manager at Varadise, revolutionising the construction sector through novel digital technologies. Rich is chartered as a geotechnical engineer with 12 years’ experience developing bespoke digital solutions and as design lead delivering advanced geotechnical solutions, amongst them distributed fibre optic sensing systems.

Registration : 

Please register by 21 st November 2022. Successful applicants will receive webinar details on 22 nd November 2022. CPD certificate will be sent to the attendees after the webinar.

Book Prize :

The youth professionals under 35 years old are encouraged to submit their reports (max. 500 words) in quality on this event. Please refer to the AGS HK’s website “The AGS Book Prize Reports–Assessment Framework” for details before the submission. The successful candidate will be awarded with the Book Prize that comprises of a book "Geology of Site Investigation Boreholes in Hong Kong" that written by Chris Fletcher, and a gift certificate HK$500 from eslite spectrum ( 誠品生活 ). The awarded report will further be uploaded to the website of AGSHK. Please send your report to Mr. Haydn Chan through the email:


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