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Geotextile Tubes for Environmental Applications

by Chris Lawson (TenCate Geosynthetics Asia-Pacific)


28 April 2022


10:30 am



Geotextile tubes are permeable containment units. They are used for coastal and hydraulic applications and for mining and environmental applications. For environmental applications (the subject of this presentation) geotextile tubes are used to dewater contaminated sediments and industrial slurries where the filtered effluent water is returned to the natural environment or recirculated within the industrial process. The dewatered solids are either left contained insitu or removed to a disposal facility. More commonly, for large scale projects the dewatered solids are left contained insitu within the geotextile tubes. Two detailed case studies are presented where the beneficial re-use of the contained dewatered contaminated sediments were used for non-structural fill (in China) and for structural fill (in Brazil).

About the Speaker:

Chris Lawson is the Technical Director for Ten Cate Geosynthetics Group. Chris received his Engineering Degrees from The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. He has worked in the field of geosynthetics for 35 years in Australia, Europe, North America and Asia. Chris has acted as technical advisor on many large scale geosynthetics projects in the field of embankments, reinforced soil techniques and coastal, hydraulic and environmental engineering in Australia, Asia and Europe. He is the author of over 50 technical papers on the subject of geosynthetics, geotechnical engineering and hydraulic and marine engineering. He has been the keynote speaker at numerous conferences and symposia. He is an ex-Council Member of the International Geosynthetics Society. In 2006, Chris was invited to present the Third Giroud Lecture on the occasion of the 8th International Conference on Geosynthetics in Yokohama, Japan.

Registration : 

Please register by 25 th April 2022. Successful applicants will receive webinar details on 26 th April 2022. CPD certificate will be sent to the attendees after the webinar.

Book Prize :

The youth professionals under 35 years old are encouraged to submit their reports (max. 500 words) in quality on this event. Please refer to the AGS HK’s website “The AGS Book Prize Reports–Assessment Framework” for details before the submission. The successful candidate will be awarded with the Book Prize that comprises of a book "Geology of Site Investigation Boreholes in Hong Kong" that written by Chris Fletcher, and a book coupon with value of HK$500 from Eslite Bookstore ( 誠品書店 ). The awarded report will further be uploaded to the website of AGSHK. Please send your report to Mr. Haydn Chan through the email:

Keywords: Geoenvironmental Engineering

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