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Application of Multi-channel Ultra-high Resolution Seismic in Hong Kong:
a Brief Introduction

by LI Honglei, Michael (EGS (Asia) Limited)


27 January 2022


10:30 am



It is always crucial to understand the geological condition of seabed for sites selections, optimizing foundation designs, and mitigating potential geological hazards in offshore projects. In addition to geotechnical investigations, geophysical surveys including seismic reflection are widely adopted to understand the shallow geology in Hong Kong waters. Traditional seismic reflection survey consists of a seismic source and single-channel receivers. As the seismic waves penetrate through the subsurface, they are partially reflected at major geological interfaces due to the contrasts in acoustic impedance. The reflected waves are then picked up by the receiver. Geological profiles are subsequently produced by calculating the depths of each stratum based on the recorded travel time of seismic waves and their velocities. With a demand for increasing survey penetration depth and resolution in Hong Kong, the multichannel ultra-high resolution seismic (MUHRS) method could be used. This method offers more reliable and precise results to the traditional sub-seabed profiling. In this talk, Michael will give an overview of the MUHRS method and its workflow with case studies.

About the Speaker:

LI Honglei, Michael is project geoscientist from EGS (Asia) Limited with 10 years experience. Michael obtained his MEng in Environmental Engineering from Ocean University of China and MSc in Environmental Physics from University of Bremen. He worked on a variety of survey projects including submarine cable, slope treatment, windfarm, offshore site investigation, etc. in Hong Kong and worldwide.

Registration : 

Please register by 24th January 2022. Successful applicants will receive webinar details on 25th January 2021. CPD certificate will be sent to the attendees after the webinar.

Book Prize :

Book prize is open to youth professionals under 35 years old for the submission of a quality report (max. 500 words) on this event. Please refer to the AGS HK website for “The AGS Book Prize Reports – Assessment Framework” for details. The Book Prize reward comprises a book "Geology of Site Investigation Boreholes in Hong Kong" by Chris Fletcher and book coupons worth HK$300 from Eslite Bookstore ( 誠 品 書 店 ). Please send your report to

Keywords: Geophysics

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