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Working Group on
Natural Terrain and Landslide Hazards

In Hong Kong, the hilly terrain covers about two-thirds of our land area.  With the development of our city, the development area is gradually expanding towards the hillside where land sliding during intense rainfall is quite common and widespread.  In 2010, the Government launched a rolling Landslip Prevention and Mitigation (LPMit) Programme to systematically deal with the landslide risk associated with both man-made slopes and natural hillside. 


The Working Group on Natural Terrain and Landslide Hazards was set up to provide a platform for enriching understanding and sharing experience amongst practitioners.  From time to time, we arrange technical visits to different LPMit site for a close-up view of the hazard mitigation works. 

The Current Group Members:

  • Jeffrey Wong (GEO) (Group Chair)

  • Catherine Ip (AECOM)

  • Eddie Chan (ARUP)

  • Jesse Tam (Fugro)

  • Andy Chan (CM Wong)

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