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Working Group on
Ground Investigation

This group has a relatively long history in the association and is responsible for publication of the initial series of GIGs or good practice notes on ground investigation. The publications cover the planning and procurement of ground investigation, contract documentation and consideration for design of ground investigations. The group will continue much in the same vein in 2007 and beyond with review of ground investigation practice and the subsequent publication of further GIGs and holding of forums and seminars in areas of ground investigation. The group also considers that young geotechnical practitioners require training and knowledge, the work practices need improvement, and where clients or supervisory staff would really take benefit from guidance. The group continues to review new and developing areas of ground investigation that has not previously been covered in the existing GIGs.

The Current Group Members:

  • Raymond Chan (Bachy Soletanche) (Group Chair)

  • Ada Chan

  • M P Chan (Wing Wo)

  • William Fung (Fugro Geotechnical Services)

  • Martin Yip (Gammon)

  • Luk Ka Sing (AECOM)

  • Tony Frame (Gammon)

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