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Become a Member

A familiar question arising from various geotechnical professionals is “How can I become a member of the AGS(HK)?” You may not be aware that:


AGS(HK) was formed for the purpose of providing an industry voice with a balanced view. Key aims of the AGS (HK) are to:

  • Promote, enhance and maintain the quality of professional practice in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering; 

  • Facilitate close liaison between all geotechnical/ geoenvironmental organizations;

  • Champion the geotechnical industry in Hong Kong; 

  • Publish guidelines on good practice and on ethical and professional matters; 

  • Encourage quality management systems in geotechnical works; and

  • Assist and influence decision making within all relevant organizations.

AGS(HK) Member Benefits

We receive numerous queries from individuals asking if their company is a member and we have provided a list of current AGS (HK) member organizations. 

Benefits of being a member organization include: 

All employees within the member organization are eligible for member benefits;

Discounted fees for CPD courses organized by AGS(HK); 

Free issues of selected publications from the AGS(HK) such as Ground Investigation Guidelines (GIGs), newsletter, etc; 

Participation in the AGS(HK) Committees & Working Groups; and 

Recognition within the geotechnical or geoenvironmental community and contributing towards the direction and initiatives of the geo-industry.


How to Join ?

If your company is not a member but would like to join AGS(HK) and contribute towards this dynamic and exciting organization, please contact our Honorary Secretary, Mr Haydn Chan at email Membership application forms can be downloaded HERE. Eligibility for various member classes can be found in the AGS(HK) Rules on our website.

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