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Course Notes

  1. AGS (HK) One Day Seminar on Geotechnical Baseline Report on 5 Oct 2013
    1. GBR Fundamentals - Past Practices and Lessons Learned by Randall Essex (Hatch Mott MacDonald)
    2. GBR Applicability to Hong Kong and the Bias of Ground Model Definitions by Mark Wallace (Arup) [Outstanding]
    3. Reference Ground Conditions for Construction - are the Current Hong Kong GBRs Fit for Purpose? by Tom Henderson (Golder Associates)
    4. The use of Geostatistics in the Evaluation of Commercial Ground Risk in Tunnel and Excavation Projects by Angus Maxwell (Maxwell GeoSystems)
    5. Geotechnical Risk Management and Risk Sharing in Public Works Projects Involving Tunnel Works by Richard Pang (GEO)
    6. Are GBR's effectively used in Hong Kong? by Guy Bridges (Aecom) [Outstanding]
    7. Risk Management - An Overview of the Geotechnical Baseline Report by Raymond Au (MTRCL)
    8. GBR - A Technical or Commercial Document? by Darren Page (OTB)
    9. Practical Commercial Aspect of Implementing GBR's in Asia by James Longbottom (ADR Partnership)
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